I sell my sparkling personality.




My agent keeps calling me after I told them I’m done working for them since I wasn’t getting many calls & I was turning down the ones I did get.

I have no motivation to make money like this anymore. It drains a lot out of me. At first I was making bank but I…

Omg. I quit domination for escort work, because domination is so exhausting. If you have a hard time feigning interest in clients now, imagine how you’re going to feel feigning interest in their desire to piss in a diaper and fellate your toes.

Announcement- Tasha and I are throwing a Halloween party. Please come; it’s going to be way cool. Also, I’ll be cooking for it, and I’m a fucking amazing cook.

Bring your friends; there’s party enough for everyone!



I mean, jeez. Pull yourself together.



I mean, jeez. Pull yourself together.




there are way too many social justice warriors. we need a social justice scout and a social justice healer and a social justice black mage. seriously this videogame has like 10 different classes you can play and everyone goes for the one that just uses generic melee weapons?

Social justice bard.

That would be Janelle Monae.

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I don’t ever wanna do sex work again where theres a possibility of making NO money.

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When I read strippers speaking dismissively of escorts, I think, ‘sure, I suck a lot of dick, but I’ve never ended a work day owing the house money.”

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It’s the best! No giving money to the people who grope you and untie your outfits and spank you and don’t enforce tipping policies, or the people so casually dismissive of strippers’ lives that they film them overdosing or say they deserved suicide, no payout to djs who don’t take requests or remind customers to tip. It’s a whole new world.

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… I’m an escort who has definitely finished the day owing the house money. Agency escorting is a thing. It sucks, but it’s a thing.

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Ugh what? They don’t just take a cut of your calls, you have to pay to work?

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They take a cut of our calls (50%, 60% for credit cards), plus we pay drivers out of our pocket, plus we have to pay a weekly amenities fee, plus we buy condoms, lube and the compulsory thigh high stockings out of our pocket - and we often buy them from the house bc of time restraints. Because it takes 3+ weeks for our credit card payments to be processed and the only part that we don’t have to pay in cash is that 60% cut, it’s quite easy to lose money on a shift.

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Oh my god that’s terrible! Is it all by CC, do any of your clients pay cash?

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I have definitely worked weeks and been on tours where I’ve ended in the red. My outgoings are high, and sometimes work is slow or you have a lot of cancelations. It’s a shitty feeling walking out of an unpleasant booking knowing you can’t even keep that money and all it does is go back into the expenses of making sure you can keep having (possibly unpleasant) bookings.
BUT at least most of the time if I’m not making money I’m doing something else, even if it’s sitting on my arse racking up expenses, as opposed to working in a club and racking up house debt.

The only sex work I ever did when I could get in and out in a week and never owe money was working in a brothel that didn’t take house fees or give out fines. No outgoings for condoms etc. and the only expenses were outfits and transport to and from.

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I forget, is independent fs legal/decriminalised where you are or do you HAVE to work in a brothel if you want to not risk arrest?

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I’m honestly startled to learn that that is how some agencies operate. I’ve never worked for anyone else as an escort, and it’s eye-opening to read that and see what I take for granted.

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My cute little split-tongue prole boy was texting me tonight, and asked for a picture. I said I was tired and greasy and looked like shit, but he said he didn’t mind at all, so I sent him a picture in my robe with my hair all lank and tangled. He said I looked like Dana Scully and exhaustion agrees with me. He’s such a dorky heart-throb. I’m going to be bad and post a picture of him someday so you can see how fucking cute he is.