I sell my sparkling personality.




And I have a two hour appointment coming up, and I think he’s bringing wine but no snacks. I’m going to have acid reflux forever.

There is a guy on my hobbying forum who offers the most absurdly low-ball trades. There is a sci-fi convention in town this weekend, and he offered to let any escort crash in his hotel room for the night, in exchange for an overnight session. For the cost of my overnight rate, I could get the best hotel in Utah for three nights. Now, he’s offering a two-day pass to the con for an unspecified trade. I don’t live in San Diego; this con is big but not legendary. Tickets are still available, and a two day pass costs between 45 and 60 dollars. That would get him what, a kiss on the cheek? 

What is he going to offer next, a half-eaten Subway foot-long? The use of his lawnmower for an hour (no weekends or peak hours, and must return with a full tank)? 

Aaaaaughhhh, I missed today’s Game of Thrones! I mean, I’ve known what happens for over three years, but I still wanted to see it happen at the same time other people were seeing it happen!


Maybe no one gave me 10 grand today, but someone DID give me a steak salad. Where’s MY influx of sugar baby followers?

Hey, I didn’t get fed! So there’s that. And my dude didn’t look like Mormon Anderson Cooper in a Bill Blass suit.

Hey, cutie pie!

To the eight or nine SBs who just started following me- welcome! I’m not an SB, though. Just thought I’d get that out in the open. I’m a call girl. I still like money, pretty clothes, and being taken places I can’t possibly afford, though, so we’ve probably got that in common.